A Single owner, a Single village, a single vineyard, a single grape, a single year and five different wines.

The vineyard is split up into several subplots to produce the five cuvees: Blanc de Noirs, Les Sens Boises, Rose de Saignee, Millesime and Brut Nature.

The soil is made up of alternate layers of clay and chalk and offers the drinker a fascinating way of exploring terroir in an unspoilt way.

The wines are produced with Burgundy in mind.

I have had the wines on a number of occasions and have been very impressed with the complexity of the Brut Nature with notes of bitter lemon, roasted nuts and a surprising balance of sugars. The Blanc de Noirs layers white fruits and peaches, Les Sens Boises gives you white pepper and an explosive mid-palate but along with the Rose de Saignee they lack the finesse and complexity of the Brut Nature. A real example of letting the soil say what it wants to say.

Village: Ville Sur Arce

Region: La Cote des Bar

Type: RM


Cuvée De Prestige:

Parent Group:

Year Founded: 2006

Hectares: 3.35

Bottles produced:

Style: Complex, expressive.

Terroir: Villers Sur Arce

Vinification: Steel tank and oak barrels used.

Viticulture: Single vineyard, Largillier.


Chemin Les Farces, 10110 Ville-sur-Arce


03 25 40 77 74



Recent Tasting Notes from Coessens

Coessens Rose

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 67

Dog food. Winey. Hard very lean red wine.

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Coessens Les Sens Boises 2008

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 84

Green colour! Young burgundy nose. Mint. Saw from tree. The balance of oak is really complimentary. Good minerality and fines …

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Coessens Rose 2009

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 78

Lovely mousse. Good sweetness. One directional venosity. Feeling the tannins. Cassis, cherry.

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Coessens Brut Nature 2006

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 777-78

Acacia. Lovely mouthfeel with a confected minerality. Very lean in style.

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Coessens Blanc de Noirs

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 76

Acacia and white flowers. Peach and white flower. Soft, creamy. A little too soft.

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Base Vintage: 2008

Coessens Les Sens Boises 2009

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 81

9/12 oak, Chablis oak 4-5 y/o White pepper. Nicely explodes in the mid palate. Creamy with lovely soft oaky influence. A touc …

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Coessens Rose 2009

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 79

Saignee Very elegant and creamy red fruits on the mid palate. So delicate.

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Coessens Brut Nature 2009

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 82-3

Much more complexity with bitter lemon notes. Roasted nuts. Lovely mousse.

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Coessens Blanc de Noirs 2009

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 80-1

Fresh white fruits, peaches with good minerality and balance of sugar.

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