Managed by Michel and Christian Gosset, working with plots in Ay, Mareuil sur Ay, Dizy, Avenay Val d’Or and Chouilly, this house produces one of the drinkable Champagnes around!

I make a point to visit at least once a year to pick up a few cases of their Premier Cru with it’s delightfully fruity palate and great balance without ever being too complicated.

The Reserve Grand Cru is a step up in precision but at the same time requires the palate to be switched on. The same can be said for his single varietal wine Noirs d’Ay. I have yet to access these wines at their peak, as I believe they demand some time in the bottle, and glass, to truly express themselves in a manner with which I expect.

Cuvee Gabriel, his vintage wine, shows a wonderful deep golden hue and lovely ruby and red fruit nose. The palate is all red fruit skin with a sweet toasty end note. I was seduced. However, on investigating some of his older wines, which are available under the label Cuvee de Collection, I found this slightly stewed note in a number of vintages. Lacking depth in the mid-palate, especially noticeable in a vintage like 1995 or 1996 where you expect so much. They are, I stress, still extremely fun wines to try, I was just hoping for a touch more…


Village: Ay

Region: La Vallee De La Marne

Type: RM

Contact: Christian Gosset

Cuvée De Prestige: Noirs d'Ay

Parent Group:

Year Founded: 1930

Hectares: 9.6

Bottles produced: 55000

Style: Ripe, fruity, approachable

Terroir: Ay, Mareuil sur Ay, Dizy, Avenay Val d'Or, Chouilly.

Vinification: Malolactic, steel tanks



23 bd de Lattre de Tassigny, 51160 AY


03 26 55 17 42



Recent Tasting Notes from Gosset-Brabant

Gosset Brabant Premier Cru Brut

Tasted:November 12, 2014

Score: 79

Fleshy, good fruit. A touch simple and sweet but very attractive.

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Gosset Brabant Brut 1er Cru

Tasted:October 12, 2014

Score: 83

Half bottle. Nice ripe mature nose. Apple and deep forest fruits. Quite stewed and rich. Moreish mid to late palate. Dark cho …

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Gosset Brabant Cuvee Gabriel 2004

Tasted:October 6, 2013

Score: 84-89

Steady stream of bubbles. Deep golden with a hint of red! Lovely ruby and red fruit nose. Sweet mousse. Luscious rich mid-pal …

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Gosset Brabant Rose 1er Cru

Tasted:May 2, 2013

Score: 76

Light, fruity. Chardonnay driven. Lovely.

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Gosset Brabant Noirs d’Ay

Tasted:May 2, 2013

Score: 86-91

Hard toast. Bold, big. Really opens with a big glass. Must try with age.

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Base Vintage: 2005

Gosset Brabant Cuvee Gabriel 2004

Tasted:May 2, 2013

Score: 84-88

Fresh, pokey, apple skin. Great acidity. Pow! Good minerality. Mouthpuckering.

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Gosset Brabant Reserve Grand Cru Brut Nature

Tasted:May 2, 2013

Score: 83

Steely, chalky. Not much on the nose. Too restrained.

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Gosset Brabant Reserve Grand Cru

Tasted:May 9, 2013

Score: 84-85

Nice broad toasty nose. Rich decadent and broad palate. Good acidity on end.

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Gosset Brabant Tradition Premier Cru

Tasted:May 2, 2013

Score: 79-81

Closed on the nose. Hard toast. Good acidity and bite. Fresh and apple fruit.

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Gosset Brabant Cuvee Gabriel 1995

Tasted:October 8, 2014

Score: 72

A touch stewed with madeirised coffee notes. Dusty, toffee notes clearing a touch with air. I think this will clear up. Lemon …

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Gosset Brabant Cuvee Gabriel 1996

Tasted:August 17, 2014

Score: 92-93

Lovely light gold. Tiny bubbles. A touch stewed on the nose but it lifts with air. Beautifully creamy with perfect acidity. S …

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Gosset Brabant Grand Cru Nature

Tasted:August 9, 2014

Score: 84

Rich mature bottle. Quite auster. Good length.

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Gosset Brabant Millesime 2002

Tasted:May 8, 2014

Score: 88-91

Lovely rich toasty nose. Stewy apples. Slightly thin in the mid-palate. Rich. Good acidity but just that mid-palate flatness. …

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Gosset Brabant Reserve Grand Cru

Tasted:April 22, 2014

Score: 83-86

Lovely fruity style with risotto. Creamy mid-palate. Lovely touch of toast. Good crisp mid-late palate. Good soft mouth textu …

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