Lombard & Cie

Formed in 1925 by Robert Andrieu as the brand Champagne Magenta, it moved to 1 rue des Cotelles in 1936 to acquire larger cellars and has been there ever since. It is now run by Thierry Lombard who is proud to emphasise the family nature of the business.
Their basic production wines are all focused on a fruit driven and fresh approach. All Grand Cru wines are Brut Nature and their push is to show terroir and an increased time on the lees.
The Brut Reference, their basic cuvee, is a 1/3 blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. 7g/ltr of sugar gives a playful but simple front end. The palate is pleasantly smooth and holds reasonable tension.
The next rung on the ladder holds two Premiere Cru wines; Brut Premier Cru and Brut Premier Cru Rose. The Brut Premier Cru is 50% Chardonnay from Grauves and Vertus and Pinot Noir from the Montaigne de Reims. It sits at 7g/ltr, but Thierry is looking to reduce this. A touch of honey gives a pleasant entry to this wine but sadly the mid to late doesn’t quite back it up.
The Brut Premier Cru Rose is exactly the same blend but with 10% vin rouge. It is a lot more playful with candied notes and an effective balance. I was pleasantly surprised!
The step up in quality really hits with the Brut Nature Grand Cru wines.
Brut Nature Grand Cru is a 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir from Ambonnay/Verzenay (mostly Verzenay) and Chardonay from Mesnil sur Oger. Although tight on the nose the palate is all Verzenay with oodles of blackcurrant and blueberry.
Brut Nature Le Mesnil sur Oger is, as the name suggests, 100% Mesnil sur Oger mainly from the vineyard of Les Mussette which sits just south of the great Chetillons. Loads of apple, candies, smoke and pepper. It reveals a lovely balance with air and plenty more green apple and powerful acidity but doesn’t blow my mind like I want from this great village.
Brut Nature Verzenay Grand Cru is a surprising blend of 80/20 Pinot Noir/Chardonnay. With a fleshy, sweet nose it hides the blueberry notes you expect from this village, and which you really get in the Brut Nature Grand Cru. It is noticeably dryer on the palate compared to the previous two wines but surprisingly expansive on the mid to late and draws itself in nicely on the finish.
Altogether a reasonable family run house with some good vineyards in the villages of Verzenay and Mesnil.
I await tasting more of their Millesime and Collection wines to pass a real judgement…

Village: Epernay

Region: La Vallee De La Marne

Type: NM

Contact: Thierry Lombard

Cuvée De Prestige: Champagne Tanagra

Parent Group: Independent

Year Founded: 1925

Hectares: 15

Bottles produced: 1000000

Style: Fresh, easy drinking

Terroir: Verzenay, Mesnil sur Oger, Ambonnay

Vinification: Steel apart from the prestige cuvee Tanagra which undergoes oak fermentation.



1 Rue des Cotelles, 51200 épernay


03 26 59 57 40



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Lombard & Cie Tanagra Grand Cru Brut

Tasted:March 11, 2015

Score: 83

Lean style. Opulent orange fruit on the nose. Too cold.

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Lombard & Cie Grand Cru Vintage 2008

Tasted:March 11, 2015

Score: 83-84

Hugely Powerful notes of biscuit, starfruit and lime.

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Lombard & Cie Brut Grand Cru

Tasted:March 13, 2013

Score: 82

Oak fermented aged Chardonnay. Lovely balance of oak and gripping lemon acidity. Good.

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Lombard & Cie Grand Cru 2008

Tasted:March 13, 2013

Score: 80

Closed lemon notes. Lovely toasty sweet fruit to start with a long finish. Good body.

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