Philippe Gonet


Village: Le Mesnil Sur Oger

Region: La Cote des Blancs

Type: NM

Contact: Chantal Bregeon-Gonet

Cuvée De Prestige:

Parent Group:

Year Founded:


Bottles produced:






1 rue de la Breche d'Oger, 51190 LE MESNIL SUR OGER


03 26 57 53 47



Recent Tasting Notes from Philippe Gonet

Philippe Gonet Vintage 2004

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 85-89

Apple fruit nose with citrus notes. Balance is far superior. Longing acidic finish. Complexity. Leafy. Notice oak 5-10 second …

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Philippe Gonet Vintage 2007

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 84

Lovely oaky richness. Powerfully dry. Full and bright.

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Philippe Gonet Roy Soleil

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 80

Ready with a 2008 base. Creaminess with red fruit notes.

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Base Vintage: 2008

Philippe Gonet Extra Brut

Tasted:April 21, 2013

Score: 78

Bouncing at the front but lacking body and connections.

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Philippe Gonet Belemnita 2004

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 85-88

Mesnil-sur-Oger. Starting to get some lovely autolytic rich mushroom flavours. Great minerality and crisp apple bite. Hints o …

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Philippe Gonet Roy Soleil

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 83-84

Mesnil-sur-Oger 100% oak for 6 months. Lovely bit of toast on the nose.Creamy. The acidity is bright with peach and pineapple …

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Philippe Gonet 3210 Extra Brut

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 79-80

Mesnil-sur-Oger and Montgueux. More stone fruit and orange rind. Gripping palate with great acidity and base. Very enticing a …

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Philippe Gonet Brut Signature

Tasted:April 13, 2014

Score: 74-76

4 Vineyards. Oger, Mesnil-sur-Oger , Montgeuex. Fresh, stoney. Bright crisp palate. Friendly and bright.

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