Nestled on the north bank of the Vallee de la Marne in the village of Vincelles is Piot Sevillano. Run by Christine and Vincet Scher-Sevillano, eighth generation wine growers, producing a simple, fruity wine that is a good representation of the area. With eight hectares under vine, they work predominantly with Meunier (75%) and the rest Chardonnay and Pinot noir (15% each). Their Tradition, Extra Brut and Rose have good balance and posses a very delicate mousse that makes for an enjoyable glass of Champagne. I have on a number of occasions been a little concerned with their Brut Prestige and Interdite which all seem to have a worrying oxiditative note that I just can’t get away from. Even with a vintage like 2008 I found notes of treacle, although there was the life giving acidity that you would expect. They choose to keep their sulphur contact to the bare minimum and I feel that this may well be the culprit. I will keep an eye on this as I try their wines in the future.

Village: Vincelles

Region: La Vallee De La Marne

Type: RM

Contact: Vincent et Christine Scher-Sevillano

Cuvée De Prestige: Cuvee Interdite

Parent Group:

Year Founded:

Hectares: 8

Bottles produced:

Style: Simple, lean, fruity, low sulphur.

Terroir: Vincelles

Vinification: 4000kg membrane press, temperature controlled tanks, malolactic carried out, sulphur added (20-40mg/ltr) only at time of harvest to avoid oxidation of musts. None added in liquor at disgorgement, only sugar cane.

Viticulture: Chablis and Guyot pruning, yields controlled by de-budding and trellising.


23, rue d'Argentelle, 51700 VINCELLES





Recent Tasting Notes from Piot-Sevillano

Piot-Sevillano Interdite

Tasted:February 5, 2015

Score: 81

Good oak balance.Saline. Extremely delicate mousse, very sweet palate. Luscious. Needs to develop the mid palate a touch give …

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Base Vintage: 2011/2010

Piot-Sevillano Brut Prestige

Tasted:February 5, 2015

Score: 75-76

Sweet, aromatic, touch of mint. Sweet palate. Simplistic, creamy, warm, touch of hot toast.

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Base Vintage: 2006/2005/2004

Piot-Sevillano Vintage 2008


Score: 73

Touch oxidation on the nose.Hints of treacle and marmite. Freshness is there on the palate.

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Piot-Sevillano Extra Brut Tradition

Tasted:February 5, 2015

Score: 70

Opulent, sweet fruit nose. Tutti-fruity. Noticeable drop in sugar creates a rather barren style on the mid palate. Almost sal …

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Base Vintage: 2011/2010

Piot-Sevillano Brut Rose

Tasted:February 5, 2015

Score: 80

Red salmon pink. Floral, very seductive nose. Impressive mousse, very fine. Great acidity. Good balance.

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Piot-Sevillano Brut Tradition

Tasted:February 5, 2015

Score: 69-71

Hot, biscuits. Very lean mid-palate. Very subtle mousse. Banana skin.

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Base Vintage: 2012/2011