Veuve Fourny


Village: Vertus

Region: La Cote des Blancs

Type: RM

Contact: Charles Fourny

Cuvée De Prestige: Clos du Notre Dame

Parent Group:

Year Founded: 1856


Bottles produced:






5 Rue du Mesnil, 51130 Vertus


03 26 52 16 30



Recent Tasting Notes from Veuve Fourny

Veuve Fourny Cuvee R Extra Brut

Tasted:March 11, 2015

Score: 86-90

A surprising creaminess on the front to mid palate. The salinity and zesty starfruit hit at the end palate. Wow!

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Base Vintage: 2008/2009

Veuve Fourny 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs 2008

Tasted:March 11, 2015

Score: 86-91

Mineral driven. Lovely, creamy palate. Fantastic life. Brilliant length.

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Veuve Fourny 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs NV

Tasted:March 11, 2015

Score: 80

Crisp saline palate. So precise and focussed. Very impressive.

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Base Vintage: 2011

Veuve Fourny Cuvee R Extra Brut Premier Cru

Tasted:March 13, 2013

Score: 85-86

Sweet oak notes. Lovely, good acidic grip. Lovely balanced oak body. Sweet fruit.

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Veuve Fourny Vintage Blanc de Blancs Brut Premier Cru 2006

Tasted:March 13, 2013

Score: 85

Lighter oak content. Great grip and clean fruity flavours. Great acidity. Lovely but direct.

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Veuve Fourny Brut 1er Cru

Tasted:October 4, 2013

Score: 77

Very bright pert nose with perfumed fruit nose. High volatility on the nose. Crisp and tight acidity is the basis of this win …

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Veuve Fourny Cuvee R Extra Brut

Tasted:September 14, 2013

Score: 84-86

Dark toasty and edgy. Hint of burnt sugars.

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Veuve Fourny Brut Millesime 2008

Tasted:September 19, 2014

Score: 85-91

Gripping palate. Intense acidity. Dry, burnt oak on the tongue. Incredibly tight. Lychee notes on the nose. There is a surpri …

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Veuve Fourny Grand Millesime 1998

Tasted:May 4, 2014

Score: 87-88

Honeyed, nutty. Warm toasty. Nice, rich brightness from the back palate. Crisp chardonnay notes. A touch of green fleshy appl …

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Veuve Fourny 2008

Tasted:April 15, 2014

Score: 86-94

Lovely rich textured wine. Luscious creamy and incredible length. Wow!

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