Vincent Renoir

I recently came across this producer at a tasting and was impressed with their style and structure.
Running a mere 6 hectares in Verzy (they sell their grapes on 1 hectares in Tours sur Marne and Berru) they produce a wine with a steely and serious palate and a dark and brooding pinot noir note. Although I do feel they would benefit from a touch, and I mean a touch, less dosage I can’t really fault their production otherwise.

The house uses steel vinification and have, as of 2016, started in biodynamic production on 1 hectare of their estate.

Adrien has now taken over the reins from his father and is just in the process of introducing a hint of oak vinification on a selection of lieu dit in Verzy including the great Les Epinettes from pure Pinot Noir, Les Montants in Chardonnay and Les Vigne Goisses for Meunier (which he had added a concrete egg). These won’t be released for a good few years but tasted delicious in barrel. He did, I am glad to say, assure me that the existing range will continue and that he is looking to reduce the sugar in his wines by a gram or so per cuvee. So, all good news!!!

Their Brut Nature, at time of tasting, was a pure 2009. A 50/50 blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, shows a powerful Pinot nose with blackcurrant and white pepper. It coats the palate nicely.
Brut Tradition, a similar blend of 50/50 but from 2009 and 2010, adds 8g/ltr and a much more playful and fruity palate. Loads of blueberry and spice. Everything you want from this village!
Brut Reserve, based on the great 2008 vintage was my pick of the bunch. A 60/40 blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and 8g/ltr, it had such a lovely mouthfeel and a touch of toast. I could do with it being just a smidgen lower in sugar but then I am just being difficult!
The Brut Millesime 2007 was even higher in Chardonnay, 70%, and had a nice fudge note on the nose. The palate lacked complexity, especially after the Brut Reserve but wholloped you with notes of waffle, jam and spice. Quite fun really. The 2008, tasted on my last visit had a lot more focus and less in the way of fudge notes more apple and blackcurrant with a hint of buttered croissant.
Their Brut Rose has the same blend as the Tradition. It is a step away from the blancs with notes of tobacco, vegetation and very dark forest fruit and stalk notes. Extremely dry on the palate. It is a wine that doesn’t quite hit my palate but may suit those looking for a food rose that is DRY!

I really enjoyed this style and can’t emphasise enough how good the 2008 base Brut Reserve is. If you have the chance do take the time to visit this house. It will be worth it!

Village: Verzy

Region: La Montagne de Reims

Type: RM

Contact: Adrien Renoir

Cuvée De Prestige: Brut Millesime

Parent Group:

Year Founded:

Hectares: 6

Bottles produced:

Style: Steely, serious, dark fruit ladened

Terroir: Verzy

Vinification: Steel on most cuvee. Some oak now used from 2014 for their lieu dit and solera.

Viticulture: Has started biodynamic production on a portion of their estate.


19, Rue de la Gare, 51380 Verzy


03 26 97 95 59



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