Gardet Charles Gardet Brut

Heady truffle notes. Burnt toast. Powerful red fruit really straight powerful red fruits. Silky transition across the palate. Mousse is creamy. Delicate and refined.

Gardet Charles Gardet Brut

Buttery. Sweet toast. Mousse a bit cumbersome. Builds itself across the palate Needs a bigger glass. Held in by this glass. Great acidity, really grips.

Gardet Brut Selected Reserve

Beautiful notes of truffle. Luscious sweet oak notes. Almond with a hint of brazil nut. Almost bitter green notes. So drinkable. So easy, almost a little simple?

Gardet Brut Tradition

Notes of pineapple and toast. Sweet very complex palate with soft hot and spicy notes. Lovely warmth across the palate. Lingers. Saffron and touch of lemon toast. ?condensed milk.