Henri Chauvet

A small to medium domain run by Mathilde and Damien Chauvet in the village of Rilly la Montagne producing fruity, crisp and firm wines.

They work with just over 8 hectares throughout the Montagne de Reims. Horizontal press is used. Steel is used for all but one of the Cuvees (Adonis).

Brut Blanc de Noirs, their base cuvee, is a 90/10 blend of Pinot Noir and Meunier. It is a sweet and flavoursome wine with good body and spicey notes.

Brut Reserve, a 60/40 Pinot Noir/Chardonnay blend is a lot more warming on the palate and shows some good floral notes. The red fruit is nicely accessible.

Brut Rose is not tasted as yet.

Their vintage wines are released very early with the 2009 being tasted back in late 2013.

Cuvee Blanche 2009 showed good firmness on the nose and a good red fruit palate which dominated the wine. White pepper and lemon rind. Closed but it suggested time might do it some good.

Cuvee Noire 2009 was all cherry, blueberry and brambles with a surprise grassy note.

Cuvee Adonis 2008, 100% Chardonnay and aged in oak showed vanilla and lemon but a slightly lacking palate. The sweetness and ease of drinking made up for it though!

Henri Chauvet Brut Reserve

Fruity with a lean mid-palate. Light steely gold. Black fruit skin. Green fizzy laces. Beginning to get a nice bitter structure to the mid-late palate. Sugar a touch too high.

Henri Chauvet Cuvee Noire

Sweet cherry touch of bramble and grassy. Macerated raspberry at the end palate. Good dry apple grip. Soft soothing and lovely. Touch of blueberry.

Henri Chauvet Cuvee Blanche

Much finer on the nose. Light yellow. Red fruit end palate really dominates this wine. Touch of soft lemon rind and white pepper. Very closed at present.

Henri Chauvet La Cuvee Adonis

Tiny bubbles Very straight vanilla nose. Dextrous vanilla notes with a hint of spice and lemon. Sweet, silky with great acidity. Slightly lacking in body but made up with sweetness and ease.

Henri Chauvet Brut Reserve

A lot more warming on the nose but closed with more white fruit. Fruity crisp. Lovely accessible red fruit. A touch bitter on the finish but lovely.