Laurent-Perrier Brut

Touch of age on the nose. Clean palate. Lacking depth on the mid to late palate. Very soft mousse. Loads of seashell that makes the palate. Touch of bitter rind on the finish that doesn’t quite fit. Maybe with some bottle age…

Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rose Brut

Very old bottle from a French supermarket. Deep copper orange. Beautiful buttery biscuit nose. Superb palate. Rich, notes of white pepper. Rose, pistachio. So lovely and buttery, biscuity and toasty. Caramel. Blood orange coming through. Very much enjoyed for my birthday at Chewton Glen. We later discovered it was a 1992 base wine disgorged in Q1 of 1995. Wow!

Laurent-Perrier Rose

Ripe red fruit nose. Wonderful mouthfeel. Almost cream notes. Vanilla, fig and orange. Good touch of minerality. Love the mousse. Rose petal.

Laurent-Perrier Grand Siecle

L130370176. Deep pee gold. Beautiful fresh buttery nose. Quince notes and lychee. Perfect mousse. Long compact mousse. The faintest touch of brioche. Taking ages to open up. Tiniest note of biscuit on the end palate. Touch of brazil nut. Beautiful layers of complexity and delicacy to the front to mid palate hindered by a touch of orange rind astringency at the end. Bizarrely picking up earthy, mushroom notes right at the end. Gaining some real firmness. Exotic.