Trichet Didier Brut Grand Cru

Completely different nose. Warm notes of cherry in the pithe of stone fruits pip. Opulent palate with black cherry and another stone fruit I can’t put my finger on.

Trichet Didier Blanc de Blancs

Fleshy tropical fruits. Still has that salinic copper note with a lovely sweet melon and pink grapefruit hit. The structure in this wine is a step up.

Trichet Didier Blanc de Noirs

Warm nose. Touch of toast and butter. Creamy mousse. More black forest fruits with a metallic note on the finish. The fruit falls away a touch fast leaving the sugar on the tongue.

Trichet Didier Brut Premier Cru

Nice toast and copper notes on the nose. Bruised apple with a touch of white pepper. The balance sugars sit on the high end but the bitter fruit notes just hold it together. Blend of 6 1er Cru.

Pierre Trichet

Situated in Trois-Puits this maison has recently changed it’s name from Trichet-Didier to Pierre Trichet after the Pierre took the reins in 2015.

The range is quite diverse with some rather simple but pleasant wines in the shape of L’Authentique (their basic blend), L’Heritage (100% Chardonnay from Trois-Puits), Le Caractere (100% Pinot Noir from Trois-Puits, Rilly la Montagne and Cormontreuil). All balanced with a distinct bitter fruit skin note and a touch of white pepper.

With La Puissance (100% Pinot Noir from Verzy) there is a complete change in mouthfeel. Warm, opulent with strong notes of cherry and fruit compote.

Their 2007 L’Exception shows a hint of oxidation which has my back up and I await the 2008 to see if this follows.

A new wine to their range, Secret d’Or, is an exotic sidestep with notes of starfruit and spice. Lovely balance and superbly delicate mousse due to the reduced pressure in bottle.