The vintage is 1979 and a true champagne lover was born. Luckily, this is the year of Peter’s highest scoring champagne and his love for terroir was unearthed. Peter began this affair with champagne whilst drinking a bottle of 1988 Pol Roger. This affair then grew and led him to collecting older vintage champagne, which he generously opens to share and appreciate with others.

Peter Crawford is a champagne lover and enthusiast. Having grown up in a farming family in Scotland, Peter has an understanding of the blood, sweat and tears that goes in to farming life and has a high degree of respect for each producer. As you sit down with Peter, his passion is contagious. You find yourself eagerly energised and excited by a topic you may know little about. It is no surprise, therefore, that he goes by the name alavolee – on the fly! It is hard not to get swept up in the intoxicating world of Peter’s champagne affair.

And through his affair, he is conscious to understand the different methods used and pass on his knowledge to anyone who will listen. Peter loves to get everyone involved and grasp an understanding of what grower alternatives there are to the grand houses. With over 9,500 tasting notes purely on champagne, Peter was awarded the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne in 2014 at the Palace du Tau, Reims.

It is hard to believe that Peter’s champagne vivacity is just a hobby. But that is what it is, and this allows him to remain unbiased and appreciative of each style. Aside from champagne, Peter has his own physiotherapy business in London. He used to play professional polo and continues to be engaged with rugby, squash and tennis. With a bottle of champagne always at hand, of course!

(photo credit: RWH Bray)

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